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  • Can I order a unit for next day delivery ?
    This service is only available for those who live in London/ United Kingdom and will be sent via royal. Yes you can order a wig for next day delivery, the order MUST be placed before 11am and an extra £70 must be paid in addition to the cost of your unit / bundles
  • Where is my wig being shipped from?
    Your unit / bundles are being shipped from the London UK
  • What is density?
    Density is used to describe how thick or full you want your unit to be. Our units range from 130% to 200% please state this on request if you require more.
  • Can I wash straighten and apply heat to my wig?
    Yes you can wash and apply heat to your wig I would also recommend using our revamp service to maintain your units
  • Can I swim in my hair ?
    Yes you can swim in your wig please ensure you secure your wig with the straps provided in the unit. Also apply a deep conditioner as the chlorine could affect the Luster of the hair
  • This is my first wig , what do I do ?"
    If this is your first wig and you are struggling to find a suitable style or need advice. Please book a consultation with us via the website
  • How long has Zahair London been established?
    Zahair London has over 10 years of experience in the hair industry
  • I have another question that is not part of your faqs?
    Please send us a dm via our Instagram page @zahairlondon or send us an email
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes we ship world wide via Royal Mail and also DHL services
  • How long does the hair last?
    Our hair is of luxury quality and can last 3+ years when looked after . Treat the hair like you would your own when in use, with regular washes, deep conditioning and not overloading on products.
  • Is blonde hair the same?
    Due to being chemically lifted to a high 613 colour, the natural bonds have been loosened. Blonde hair requires additional care and is recommended for occasion or novelty wear.
  • How do I return/exchange hair?
    Unfortunately we do not offer returns as each wig is custom made however we can look into cases,just send us an email or a dm via Instagram and we can help resolve any issue
  • Can I dye the hair?
    Yes the hair can be both bleached and/or dyed to a variety of colours. We recommend that this is done by our colourist for more information send us an email
  • How many bundles do I need?
    This is highly dependent on the look you are going for. For hair 18" and under we recommend 3 bundles, for longer lengths, 4 bundles gives the best look . For clip-ins we recommend 3 sets (300g)
  • How can I make the most of the hair?
    Washing and conditioning every 4-6 weeks, using heat protector before applying heat, applying a tiny amount of serum occasionally
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