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Hair Texture: Straight

Hair Density: 150%

Hair Colour: 1b

Hair Type: Peruvian

Hair length :12 inch

Wig Type: Hand Stitched

Closure Type: 6x6 closure

Security: Adjustable wig band and wig combs (optional)


Our Alexis unit is perfect if you love a versatile look constructed using a 6x6 closure it’s easy to get creative with this unit.

Processing Time: 4 - 7 working days

* Care Instructions

Washing & Conditioning:


* 1. Always comb starting from the bottom with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush.


* 2. Wash hair in warm water with a moisturising shampoo or the Zahair London shampoo bar


* 3. Condition hair with a moisturising conditioner.


* 4. Rinse thoroughly.


* 5. Air dry hair for a gentle kiss from nature and to maintain its natural lustre

Straight hair

Use heat protection when applying heat to your bundles or unit and straighten to your desired style.



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