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Gold Wig Revamp Service

Gold Wig Revamp Service includes:

Wig shampooed & Conditioned

Deep Condition Treatment

Steam Treatment

Tightening of loose tracks or removing tracks if the wig is too bulky

(Option to cut or restyle your unit)

Straightening or Curling, Band Replacement

Closure/frontal replacement

If you’d also like to add a closure/frontal replacement please select the closure/frontal you’d like from our selection of closures/frontals and add to your basket

*please note it must be like for like I.e if your current wig has a 5x5 closure , you can only replace with a 5x5 closure, same applies to frontals, however you can upgrade the lace, i.e if you currently have a 5x5 transparent lace closure wig you can upgrade it to 5x5 Hd lace by selecting this from our selection of closures*

Gold Wig Revamp Service

  • Once you have completed your revamp order you will receive an email within 1 hour with the address to send your unit.

    Our revamp service requires 3 working days once the unit has been received, our closure/frontal replacement requires 4-7 working days.

    *Please put your name and full address in the note section of the order*

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