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Transparent Lace Frontal

Our lace frontal is very thin, which will lay more undetectable on your skin to look like your real scalp. If you’re looking for a frontal that has a natural finish this is definitely the one for you, this frontal  requires little to no customisation

Transparent Lace Frontal

  • Washing & Conditioning:
    1. Always comb starting from the bottom with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush.
    2. Wash hair in warm water with a moisturising shampoo or the Zahair London shampoo bar
    3. Condition hair with a moisturising conditioner.
    4. Rinse thoroughly.
    5. Air dry hair for a gentle kiss from nature and to maintain its natural lustre
    Straight hair
    Use heat protection when applying heat to your bundles or unit and straighten to your desired style.
    Curly hair (Deep curl/Natural wave)
    Wet hair with a mixture of water and conditioner in a spray bottle and use a paddle brush to ensure the curls are tangle free.
    Kinky straight
    Our kinky straight hair can be straightened with low heat. Ensure to use heat protection before applying heat.
    Kinky curly
    Use a light serum to ensure the hair is moisturised and tangle free. Finger comb the hair instead of using a brush. Brushing will loosen the natural curl pattern.

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