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Silver Wig Revamp Service

Silver Wig Revamp Service includes:

Wig shampooed



Option of Straightening or Curling Wig

Closure/frontal replacement

If you’d also like to add a closure/frontal replacement please select the closure/frontal you’d like from our selection of closures/frontals and add to your basket

*please note it must be like for like I.e if your current wig has a 5x5 closure , you can only replace with a 5x5 closure, same applies to frontals, however you can upgrade the lace, i.e if you currently have a 5x5 transparent lace closure wig you can upgrade it to 5x5 Hd lace by selecting this from our selection of closures*

Silver Wig Revamp Service

  • Once you have completed your revamp order you will receive an email within 1 hour with the address to send your unit.

    Our revamp service requires 3 working days once the unit has been received, our closure/frontal replacement requires 4-7 working days.

    *Please put your name and full address in the note section of the order*

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