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Single Hair Bundles (all textures)

Our luxury Peruvian straight is the most versatile texture for almost any style you desire. You can leave it straight for a sleek look or add some waves for some glamour.


*Please note that these are the prices for one hair bundle*

Single Hair Bundles (all textures)

  • Washing & Conditioning:
    1. Always comb starting from the bottom with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush.
    2. Wash hair in warm water with a moisturising shampoo or the Zahair London shampoo bar
    3. Condition hair with a moisturising conditioner.
    4. Rinse thoroughly.
    5. Air dry hair for a gentle kiss from nature and to maintain its natural lustre


    Straight hair: Use heat protection when applying heat to your bundles or unit and straighten to your

    desired style.

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